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Apr 20 14 7:54 PM

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It's entirely too quiet in here, think I'll talk to myself until others get curious and join in.

Today, my favorite drawing is the individual in swim fins being consumed by lava. The leading edge captures nicely the effect of a squishy fireball, however the best part is his or her charred remains diffusing into the molten rock. Morbid or not, I love it. What attention to detail!

I reserve the right to change my mind tomorrow.
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Apr 21 14 10:25 PM

Have not changed my mind, but I wanted to point out the illumination in the morning scene of the scary story post. Struck me how she managed to evoke bright early morning so simply.

The light spilling over the ridge in the fire monster illustration also caught my eye. What caught yours?

I reserve the right to ridicule you for disagreeing with me.

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Apr 23 14 10:53 PM

Curses, I neglected to specify whether the candidate was his seven legged or eight legged spider. That's a one-seventh to one-eighth difference, depending on your optimism/pessimism persuasion.

I reserve the right to count all legs of all spider pictures in the future.

This round goes to David's spider in a landslide. Thanks for your vote! Now we evidently need to work on voter turnout around here.

Speaking of elections, I've heard that public fora are ideal places to discuss politics. And so, I have a proposal. If you find yourself eligible to vote in US elections, kindly write in Spaghatta Nadle for President in 2016. And if you aren't, please consider donating to his Super PAC (Pasta Action Committee) just as soon as somebody creates one. Veep nods?

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Apr 24 14 11:04 PM

Pick a vice presidential candidate for Spaghatta Nadle!

A. Ralph Nader
B. Mocorono Nodle
C. Pahckle
D. Rice (not Condoleezza)
E. Rice (Condoleezza)
F. _________I_reserve_the_right_to_fill_in_this_blank.___________

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Jun 15 14 12:07 AM

I know this is laughably late, but A) I like the HH spider--it's just a much richer character--and, B) where would be an appropriate place (if any) to share my real spider anecdote? It's scary, even for spiders. But it desensitized me.

I wandered into this thread because of the little yellow lightning bolt icon. Very effective.

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Jun 20 14 9:34 AM

I too have to go with Allie's spider, it has more meaning than David's. Although if I had to go with context I really love David's attempt to pay with his drawing, and his Automated Response.

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Jul 1 14 8:17 AM

Spider thug life

Oh! My story? Alright. Since I should be doing about 10 other critical tasks right now, this is what I will choose to do instead because....well, y'know.

I grew up in Colorado, which is a hot spot for wolf spiders. They are like small skinny tarantulas if you don't know them. The biggest ones I've seen are about two inches or so across. (Huge if you're used to just the average spider.)

One day I went into my room and opened my closet door and there was a wolf spider (I imagined him sitting for some reason, because he seemed like he was owning his space) in the middle of the closet floor. We locked eyes for a while, kind of like an Eastwoodian standoff. He didn't move at all. 

I thought he was too big to squash and if I tried to reach for him he might attack me, and if I went to go get a paper towel or something he might hide and then kill me in my sleep. But after going through the options I figured I had to turn away at least for a minute, so I backed away slowly, ran to get a can of Raid--oh yeah, you're going down mofo.

He hadn't moved, so I sprayed him right in the face like Joe Pesci in Goodfellas. But to my surprise and terror, he didn't shrivel up or try to run--he stood up on the tips of his feet and started walking towards me! His legs reached up in the air as he staggered forward, [saying] "Right! I'll do you for that! You don't know ME, fool!" I sprayed him again once I got over my paralyzing shock, and he took a few more steps, wobbled, and then keeled over onto his back. 

These are the thugs of spiderdom, I am convinced.

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Jul 19 14 9:49 PM

Bravo! :) I wish life were more like video games, for sure you would've unlocked an achievement in defeating that beast - and a second achievement for storytelling excellence. Hopefully that's the last time you gonna see a bad guy like that again.

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