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Who'd win in a fight between a robotic Godzilla with chainsaw hands and lazer eyes, or an army of Predators that are a third of the size of Godzilla?

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Sep 18 14 4:14 PM

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The setting is in the arctic during a snowstorm. But Godzilla had thermal vision so it can see. So can the Predators. And it's like...5 or 6 Predators.
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Nov 15 14 2:08 PM

My bet on who wins is Mecha Godzilla. I think it might come down to who froze first. In an arctic snowstorm, Godzilla's mechanics wouldn't overheat (though the snow melting into the mechanics would probably gunk things up a bit when it froze again). Either way I think the chainsaw hands and laser eyes puts Godzilla at an advantage.

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Nov 18 14 1:26 AM

Woah there Kazterboro, not so fast. The predators totally stand a chance. In such a vast, desolate environment, Godzilla can't localize his attacks effectively. Also with the low visibility in the arctic and the small size of the predators, Godzilla be like "Ah! I can't see!" Translated as RAAAWR. The predators would be like pygmy wolves, a well oiled killing machine. Godzilla's movements would be inhibited by the cold, the predators have alien technology to sabotage Godzilla's coding and systems. The predators would reign victors!

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May 25 15 11:11 AM

I think the real question is, what kind of metals are Godzilla's chainsaw hands made of, also what are the Predators' skin/armor made of? I mean, if Godzilla could just obliterate a Predator with one swing of an arm, yeah, he'd pretty much win. But if the Predators' armor could withstand the chainsaw attack and just get knocked away, they could probably take him.

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