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Jul 2 14 10:58 AM

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My human activity sensor is pinging your location. It just needs you to post a 'hello' or something and it will know you're at your computer/phone and there are still people on this forum.
Here's your reward:
                             what is this?^ The shizz. 
                         Don't be gone too long, I'll miss you.
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Jul 20 14 12:30 AM

Gloomy realization: I suspect she's not coming back.

Imagine having shared so much, even having gone on a book tour for frank's sake, and then having been away for so long. Perhaps having become someone new over the interval. I try to put myself in that place, and imagine also the weirdness that surely seeps from the basest corners of the internet when one is attractive and female and attains internet fame, and conclude that the prospect of returning and picking back up would be too uncomfortable. It was enjoyable and poignant and charming, but I suspect she will not attempt to return and recapture it as it was.

Though wistful, I wonder what she will do next.

Continuing to support the sale of her book surely helps to support her. That aside, I would conjecture that to expedite the release of Allie 2.0, we must move on from Allie 1.0.

Told you it was gloomy.

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